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Stoned Amsterdam: All marble everything

Bring your Pinterest board home aesthetics to life with Stoned Amsterdam! From elegant wine coolers that add a touch of grandeur to your dinner parties, to intricately designed door knobs, trays, and captivating home decor, Stoned Amsterdam has it all.

Founded in 2014, Stoned Amsterdam initially made its mark through a local pop-up store. After nine years, they proudly unveil their updated brand store in Amsterdam West.The allure of their products lies in the inherent variations of color and pattern found in natural stone. Each piece is unique, and the experience of choosing the perfect item in person is definitely recommended.

Whether you seek a luxurious housewarming gift or simply want to elevate the aesthetic of your own home, Stoned Amsterdam is the place! Pro tip: Their large square marble boards fit exactly on top of Ikea night stands, making it an easy way to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

To give you a glimpse into their collection, we've picked a few of our favorite items. However, we encourage you to explore their brand new store.

Stoned Amsterdam

Jan van Galenstraat 155, 1056 BP Amsterdam

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