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Sins of Sal: Savor Argentinian guilty pleasures

Nestled away discreetly in Amsterdam's Jordaan district, you find restaurant and cocktail bar Sins of Sal, also known as Salmuera's daring little sister. This Argentinian restaurant offers a sinful dining experience that speaks to the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Sins of Sal is a bit of a hidden gem, tucked away amidst the bustling Westerstraat, nestled behind a modest terrace within a narrow building, waiting to be discovered. The interior is dark and adorned with captivating red accents complimented by candlelit altars. Here, indulgence takes center stage, offering a menu that celebrates everything that would not be allowed at Salmuera.

We started our journey with a spicy Elota Palamo, a refreshing and vibrant long drink featuring charred corn, dill, Don Julio Blanco tequila, and Mezcal Vago Elote. From an array of irresistible dishes, we chose the oyster mushroom tacos with chipotle glaze and fennel-apple slaw, and the crispy dumpling tuna tacos with Furikaka mayo, ponzu, and nori. A side of fries was transformed into a sinful pleasure with the addition of a generous drizzle of mole.

The torta libre was especially captivating, in this unique dish a brioche bun with oyster mushrooms and crispy nachos meet a luscious jus de veau, resulting in a delightful combination of flavors that will leave you feeling a bit mischievous. Of course every sinful dish deserves an equally indulgent beverage pairing. Their natural orange wine is light and complements the flavors of the dishes perfectly. We will be returning for that torta libre, and try to their orange wine sangria with chamomile.

Give into temptation and explore the naughtier side of the Argentinian cuisine.

Sins of Sal

Westerstraat 86, 1015 MN Amsterdam

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